Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (Movie Review)

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale is a holiday horror film that suspends all knowledge about Santa. The cookies and milk, the Holly and Jolly, the presents and Ho, Ho, Ho-ing disappear into the bitter, harsh cold.

In this Holiday Horror movie, Jamari Helander, the film’s director, transforms St. Nick into a children’s nightmare. He’s a monster straight from the dark pages of Scandinavian lore.

Americans blast their way through the Korvatunturi mountain. As a result, they unearthed Christmas’s greatest secret: an ancient and evil presence.

Pietari, a young boy in a small village near the mountain, sneaks into the research facility with his friend, Juuso. While there, the two boys quarrel about the existence of Santa Clause. Pietari runs home. He finds a book and reads about a horned Santa. An evil creature who whipped misbehaving children and boiled them in a cauldron.

Pietari pleads with his father that the researchers unleashed an evil presence. However, his dad shoves the boy to the ground and tells his son to stop acting like a child. On Christmas morning, Pietari and his father find a naked man caught in a wolf trap. The stranger appears dead. Also, the stranger strongly resembles a rugged Santa.

In Rare Exports, the weather is harsh. And the town is bleak. As a result, atmosphere leads the charge in this holiday-horror movie. The lack of any female presence also contributes to the rugged and rough feel of the film. The film is a story of a father and son relationship. Also, it’s about discovering independence, as well as traversing adulthood and responsibility.

Pietari must navigate the patriarchal village. The boy has to win the trust of the other men. In order to do so, he has to prove that an evil, mystical Santa exists. However, the kid is believed only when things take a dark turn.

Rare Exports is a beautiful horror film, never lacking on suspense or tension. It uses strong writing and direction to build toward a wonderful gift of an ending.

Watch Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale for free on Amazon Prime.

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