Gerald’s Game (Novel Review)

I’m a Stephen King lifer—one of those fans who’d buy his grocery list if he published it.

As a kid around 13, I remember reading Cujo. I remember throwing the book across the room and crying from anger. I had never felt such rage or sadness over anything. Stephen King has always had a way of tapping into a reader’s emotions, no matter how active or latent they may be.

Unfortunately, with Gerald’s Game, I felt bored most of the time—a rare feeling when reading a King novel.

A few scenes caused me to squirm, or tempted me to skip a few pages. But those particular scenes revolved around the description of child molestation. And King continued to go back to the image. Also, the story’s last act is disjointed from the rest of the novel. It felt like he was padding word count, which ended up weighing so much on the novel, that the balloon of tension popped.


Had King written Gerald’s Game as a short story or novella, I believe it would contain authentic, heart-pounding thrill. But the tediousness of the story made the reader feel as if they were handcuffed to a bed.

New to Stephen King books?

If you’ve never read King before, start with one of his earlier novels: Carrie, The Shining, The Stand, Cujo, Salem’s Lot. Save Gerald’s Game for the seasoned King fans.

Click HERE to read or listen to Gerald’s Game.

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