Alex C. Gates, Psychological Thriller Author

Alex C. Gates

Alex lives, according to his wife, in  LaLaLand. It’s a land full of heroes and demons and magic. Sometimes his world spills into our world. He is working on the Ryun Hunt series, which features an angry, sarcastic wyvern avenging his daughter’s death against monsters, demons, and gods. 

He is also writing the Broken Halo Academy series about an escort who discovers she’s a fallen angel after a terrible accident. After her arrest, she’s placed in an Academy for the gifted. However, the Academy isn’t quite what it promises to be. Both series take place in the same world.

Alex is a loving husband, skilled educator, true Gryffindor, dragon slayer, wizard of the highest order, defender of the realm, Cowboys fan, and connoisseur of cheap beer.

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