A broken man. An evil bargain. Will he wreck his soul to rebuild his life?

Joseph Daniels longs to give his wife the child they both crave. So when she announces her pregnancy on their trip to the secluded family farm, he should be overjoyed. Problem is: the baby can’t possibly be his… and the real father isn’t the only fiend prowling the ghost-town streets.

Bitter and humiliated, Joseph turns to a mysterious stranger with a cure-all for his troubles… at a staggering price. Only after the miracle pills bring out the demon in him does he discover the dark force taking him captive.

Can Joseph fight his way back to freedom and family or will his soul be dragged to hell?

The Demon of Decay is a standalone classic horror novel. If you like terrifying choices, blood-chilling suspense, and dark psychological twists, then you’ll love Alex C. Gates’ spine-tingling tale.

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